Hometown Hero

Hometown Hero ORCA Relax

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  •  Hometown Hero ORCA Relax
  •  Hometown Hero ORCA Relax


You deserve rest. Good, restorative rest. And this is why you must try Hometown Hero ORCA Relax.


A soothing blend of CBD, CBN, and lavender oil, these pills come with 5mg of CBN per pill, 25mg of CBD per pill, and 20mg of lavender oil. Hometown Hero ORCA Relax can help you alleviate daily stress and unwind in three ways:

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  1. The CBN produces a profound state of tranquility by suppressing the brain’s arousal system.
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  3. The CBD reduces stress by interacting with the ECS and altering the brain’s response to serotonin. In fact, this can reduce anxious thoughts.
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  5. The lavender oil helps promote calmness through interacting with GABA receptors in the brain.
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Ready to enjoy the benefits of Hometown Hero? Simply take one pill, one hour before bed. Let the calming vibes refresh and restore you. Not only will you sleep well, but you won't wake up feeling groggy, foggy, or feeling like you didn't receive enough rest.


The Moodporium loves these edibles because they work and they work well. Plus, they are perfect for taking for sleep, daily worries, long flights, warm baths, and reading in bed. This is why we love to call these self-care in pill form!

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