Hometown Hero ORCA Recovery

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Bounce back faster from workouts with ORCA Recovery. Each pill has a custom blend of fast-acting, microdosed THC with L- theanine, riboflavin, magnesium, and manganese to promote tranquility, muscle recovery, energy conversion, and comprehensive wellness. This master case contains 10 tins of ORCA Recovery with 30 pills per tin.
  • Delta-9 THC for mood enhancement and managing pain perception.
    • 2mg per pill
  • L-theanine for increased post-workout relaxation.
    • 2mg per pill
  • Riboflavin for converting fats, carbs, and protein into glucose for energy.
    • 15mg per pill
  • Magnesium for managing inflammation to improve muscle recovery.
    • 7.5mg per pill
  • Manganese for assisting enzymes in breaking down nutrients and building bones.
    • 7.5mg per pill

Recommended Use:
Take one pill immediately after a workout.

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