Viia Hemp Day Drift Delta 9 THC + Delta 8 Gummies

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The Most Potent Delta 8 + Delta 9 Gummies

Formulated with a potent blend of Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC, Day Trip gummies offer an unparalleled experience. Each gummy contains 20mg of Delta 9 THC and 80mg of Delta 8 THC, making it the most potent in our line. The gummies are made with live resin THC and hybrid terpenes, ensuring a flavorful and enjoyable experience every time. Formulated for only experienced THC users, this gummy will take you to new heights of creativity and extreme relaxation.

Blueberry Fields Flavor

Each Day Trip Gummy contains:

  • 20mg ∆9 THC
  • 80mg ∆8 THC
  • Hybrid Live Resin Terpenes

1000mg THC per container
10 Gummies Per Bottle

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