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Botanical Brewing Company Delta 8 Seltzers

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Enjoy sippable bliss without the hangover with these delta-8 THC infused sparkling drinks from Botanical Brewing Co. Each can is infused with 20mg delta 8 THC, making these hemp-derived ‘mocktails’ a tasty alternative to alcohol. So sit back, relax and get happy with these infused botanical seltzers.

Each flavor delivers an alcohol-free plant buzz that is unique to its specific infusion:

Laidback Lemonade: Traditional lemonade flavor is paired with juicy blackberries for an extra kick.

Gummy: Bursting with the traditional flavors of the classic candy.

20mg D8 THC per can
Mood: Provides a mildly euphoric sensation paired with a full-body relaxation, while also maintaining an elevated mental clarity.


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