Good Vibez Delta 8 THCp Oral Strips

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Discover the latest in Delta 8 technology with the all new Good Vibez 25mg Delta 8 THC-P Sublinguals! These under the tongue sublinguals disolve quickly and bring all the taste of a sweet and tart blue raspberry that you crave! What’s more, sublinguals deliver delta 8 and THC-P quickly, and are among the most bioavailable methods of using THC that exist. This means that you will enjoy the maximum effect of the 25mg delta 8 THC, and feel the effects more quickly.


These delta 8 and THC-P sublinguals are ideal for anyone who wants a hard hitting, fast acting delta 8 experience that is as discrete and hassle free as possible. Just place one sublingual under the tongue, and be ready to experience the essence of Good Vibez!


Each package contains 10 sublinguals, each delivering 25mg of Delta 8 THC and THC-P, for a total of 250mg per order!

\nHow Long Do Sublinguals Take For Full Effect?
Since sublingual strips introduce delta 8 directly to the bloodstream from under the tongue, it only takes 5-10 minutes for the initial response, and within 60 minutes you be feeling the ‘vibez’ completely!

How Often Should I Use Delta 8 Sublinguals?
We strongly recommend starting with a single strip and waiting several hours to determine your own level of tolerance. As each strip contains 25mg of Delta 8, each user should determine the frequency and dosage that they respond best to.

Strawberry (Indica)
Blue Razz (Hybrid)
Watermelon (Sativa)
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