Tillman's Tranquils 1:1 CBN:CBD Mints

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Searching high and low for a restful night’s sleep? Look no further than Tillman’s Tranquils 1:1 CBN:CBD Mints. These tiny but mighty mints are what sweet dreams are made of!


With 10mg of CBD and 10mg of CBN in each mint, these treats feature zero THC and a mouthwatering chocolate mint flavor. If you love chocolate and mint, you will absolutely love the way these itty bitty mints pack a flavorful punch.


Gluten-free and soy-free, and both vegan and vegetarian, Tillman’s Tranquils 1:1 CBN:CBD Mints are made from all natural ingredients. Ingredients include: organic cane sugar, erythritol, rice syrup, gum arabic, carnauba wax, stevia leaf extract, all natural mint chocolate flavoring, and all natural coloring.

\nThese CBN mints have been in constant product rotation at Moodporium! Why? Well, we love doubling up on both CBN and CBD before bed. In fact, we swear it is one of the best ways to achieve a great night of rest. And, of course, we love the chocolatey flavor mixed with cool mint. While these mints may be small, they are efficiently mighty — making them a must-have on-hand for anyone looking to sleep well at night. \n

Learn more about Tillman’s Tranquils at their website.

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