Sober October

Sober October

One of the greatest joys I get from the store is helping people stop drinking. There's a couple who have been sober for over a year by using our products, and their lives have changed immensely. They're more present in their relationship, have lost weight, have more creativity, and feel better overall.

In the past couple of year, the pandemic has increased alcohol use among many Americans, especially women, who often wear multiple hats in their households. Heavy drinking is associated with a laundry list of health problems, including kidney disease, heart conditions, cognitive decline, and depression. And one recent study suggested that even one alcoholic drink per day could shrink the brain volume.

This month is Sober October. If you're thinking about not drinking, this would be a great month to test the waters. There is a lot of support and options that you can drink instead of booze. Most people I talk to drink either because they're at a social event and don't want to feel outcasted, OR they drink because they need to relax.

Are you ready to test the waters (gotta love a good pun)?

Delta 8 Drinks - these are going to make you a little intoxicated and alot giggly. You could even bring one with you at a restaurant, order a coke, tonic, etc. and mix it in. No one will know and you'll enjoy the evening just like your friends but without the headache the next day.

Delta 8 Honey - the weather is getting colder and some people like a hot toddy watching the fire. You can do the same with this delicious honey that has both CBD and D8 in it.

Compliant Delta 9 Drink Enhancers - these are only 10mg but that will give you a nice buzz AND you'll have get amazing sleep when you're ready to go to bed. They come in packets like crystal light so you can take them wherever you regularly drink and make it healthy instead. WINNING. 

CBD Drinks - if you're not ready for a full on buzz but want to relax - any of these will work.  My favorite is Black Cherry by Recess.

Get a gameplan together to get rid of alcohol by choose hemp products instead! 

Oct, 06, 2022

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